Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum opens next Tuesday (28th April) and we are looking forward to bringing our toddler there. It looks amazing just from the photo that The Straits Times shared. (Photo credits: Lim Yaohui for The Straits Times) It would be a good place to allow yourself and your kids to be awed at the life that was once upon a time living on Earth.

The museum is located in the National University of Singapore at their Science Faculty. (photo credit: Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum’s facebook page)

Quoting from their official website, “The main gallery consists of 15 zones, tracing the history of life on earth. Different sections are devoted to the origin of life and all major branches of the Tree of Life. This includes green plants, fungi, molluscs, arthropods, “fish”, amphibians, “reptiles”, birds, and mammals.”

Tickets are only sold on Sistic and it is $20 per adult and $12 per child. Singaporeans and permanent residents enjoy discounted rates of $15 per adult and $8 for a child. Children below 3 admits for free. You can click here to purchase tickets. It is very interesting that the tickets are available in blocks of 1.5h, which is the estimated time of which you will take to complete the museum. However if you choose to stay longer than that, you will not be chased out of the museum. This was just their effort in controlling the numbers in the museum at any one time. First entry is at 10am and the last entry is at 5:30pm.

A friend (November Tan) managed to go for the preview and here is a photo she took at the main exhibit of the dinosaurs. She mentioned also that there is a diaper changing room in the museum, with 2 changing stations, power-points, a sink but no nursing area. Hopefully there will be one by the time they open next week! (Update on 24 Apr ’15: they have brought in an armchair and a hot/cold water dispenser! They sure react fast to feedback!) Her review of the museum? She was “blown away”!

For more information about the museum, you can visit their website here.