Hong Kong for Kids – Itinerary

Just about a month ago, we decided to bring our kids, yes, all 3 of them, to Hong Kong for a quick get away.  They are aged 4months, 2yo and 4yo. Many of my friends have since asked for my itinerary as they have kids of similar ages. So I thought might as well record it here 🙂 (We also give some tips for travelling to Hong Kong with kids. You can read about it HERE)

Day 1: Our flight arrived at Hong Kong at about 2. We reached our hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui (Holiday Inn Golden Mile) at about 4pm. We rested for a while until about 5:30pm. We had planned to stay near the Harbour so we can watch the symphony of lights show at the Harbour and also take the ferry to Hong Kong Island. So that’s what we did. We took a ferry to the other side for dinner. We hung out at the harbour for a while later on. We bought ice cream and sat around listening to the many buskers performing. They were pretty good!

Day 2: Ocean Park! It opens only at 10am and was only 2 MTR stops away from our hotel so we had a slow morning and arrived there at 10am. We basically spent the whole day there. There are kiddy rides suitable for the toddlers but there were a lot of adult rides as well. The kids also enjoyed looking at the penguins and seals. There were many shows but we only managed to catch the dolphin one. You have to try the ocean express and the cable car ride too! They are free of charge.

Day 3: We met my Aunty who resides in Hong Kong for a timsum brunch. After that we had intended to take the tram up to The Peak. However the queue was SUPER long! So we took a cab up instead. It was only about 70 HKD. There was the Wax Museum and a Trick-eye museum up there but we didn’t go to either as our kids would not know how to appreciate yet. So we just hung around, got an ice cream at haagen daaz, went to the sky terrace, played at a make shift bouncy castle, and took the tram down. In the evening, we caught the symphony of lights at the harbour.

Day 4: Disneyland! Similar to Ocean Park, the park opens at 10am. We checked out of our hotel, went to Disneyland Hotel in a cab (150hkd), deposited our luggage, and headed straight to Disneyland in the shuttle bus provided by the hotel! We stayed at the park until after the fireworks were over before going back.

Day 5: Repeat. We only covered half of Disneyland the previous day as the kids wanted to go on each ride multiple times. So glad we bought the 2-day pass. We were at Disneyland from 10am to 9pm this time and we hung around in the shop to choose our souvenir after the daily 8pm fireworks.

Day 6: Breakfast at the Enchanted Garden with the Disney Characters!! Thereafter we just hung out around at the hotel, playing in the maze and running around in the lobby and bumping into Goofy at the lobby, before heading to the airport to check out. It was a pity that the indoor swimming pool was closed. We had wanted to bring our 4 month old there to play.

That’s it! 🙂 Just for more info, we took Cathay flights as there was this promotion with Maybank Credit Cards at the time of purchase. So for the 6 of us, the total was only $1.3k instead of 1.8k if we had chosen SQ instead.  If you are planning a 5 day trip instead, I would suggest to skip The Peak. The tram ride is fun, but it is a relatively short ride. For a 4 day trip, just head straight to Disneyland 🙂

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Bangkok With Kids

Our holidays now are centered around our kids aged 1 and 3. If a place does not have anything for the kids to do, it is not an option for us. We have been to Bangkok many years back before kids and done the usual. Shop, and eat. Bangkok air tickets are so cheap, ($200+ per pax on SQ!) but, is there anything for the kids? Well, we found out that there were so many activities for the children in Bangkok that our 5 day 4 night trip was much too short!

On where we decided to stay, you can read our post on the kids-friendly hotel.

We read up a lot before deciding that Bangkok was going to be our June holiday destination. Here is our itinerary in the end. Remember that our kids are aged 1 and 3. So we need to find places that are suitable for them.
Day 1: Arrive at 4+pm at Bangkok, settle in hotel, go nearby for dinner.
Day 2: SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World
Day 3: Safari World
Day 4: Dream World
Day 5: Hang out in hotel, check out, catch 3pm flight home.

Day 1:

Daddy and Mummy were really tired. So we just headed downstairs (Yes! Downstairs!) to Platinum mall to look for some place we can have dinner at. After dinner, we let the kids play in the room to get used to the environment before putting them to sleep.

Day 2:

After breakfast at our hotel, we approached our hotel’s day tour booth to check out the tour packages for the places we are intending to go for. Remember that even if you just buy tickets only, it is cheaper to get them from a tour agency. (Just like USS in Singapore. Agency is cheaper than buying at the door) And you can even bargain if you buy more packages with them. In the picture are the prices at the door. We bought the super package, minus the pepsi and popcorn for about 850baht per person. It was free for those under 3yo so we only had to pay for 3.

This place is a must go for families with young kids like ours. The kids really love it. My son has been to the SEA aquarium twice. But he still enjoyed himself.

This is the Ocean feeding boat which is what is different from our SEA aquarium. The kids loved it that they could see fishes swimming underneath.

Somewhere in the middle of the Ocean World was a little playground much to the delight of Korkor. He practically ran to it, removed his shoes and started playing, without asking permission!!! Grr… Of course, meimei followed suit and the adults took a little break from walking.


SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World is located at the Basement level of Siam Centre and it is VERY convenient. You would only take about 2 hours at the Ocean World, so you can spend some time having lunch at Siam area and even do some shopping there too.

Day 3:

For the Safari World we decided to take up the tour package. Safari World is made up of 2 sections. The safari portion and the Zoo portion. The zoo portion is relatively much like our Singapore zoo. The safari portion is a very small section with cars taking about 30 minutes to drive through the entire thing. You can hire a cab to bring you to the safari world, pay for the entrance fees, and change to a safari car to drive you through while your cab waits for you, then take your cab back after 30 minutes. The cab fare would cost about 1500baht for the entire trip, plus the time spent waiting for you. We figured that taking the entire tour was more cost efficient so we did. Each person was about 1500 baht including transport to and fro and within the safari, and also inclusive of lunch. Meimei was free as usual.

We spent the first half of the day catching the shows. The shows were all scheduled so that you can catch all of them. And everyone basically moves from one show to another. Our tour guide was pretty redundant. There was the Orang Utan Muay Thai show, Sealion show and the Elephant show. Lunch was then at an air-con place (Thank God for that!) and it was a sumptious buffet lunch! Love the Som Tam there 🙂 After lunch you have the option of paying extra to go for their River Safari boat ride that we did not take up. It was a good chance for us to rest.

It was really very hot. We spent some time at an ice cream cafe which had Lemurs in it and also took pictures as a family with 8 month old baby tigers. The itger sat on daddy’s lap!

Later on we gathered at about 3pm for the Safari ride. We had waiting one whole day for that short 30 minutes of drive through. The zebras do come pretty close to the vehicle. Other than that the animals are not that close.The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly though.

Day 4:

For Dreamworld we decided to cab there ourselves but pre-bought the entrance tickets so it would be cheaper. The tickets include buffet lunch too and as usual my favourite dish was the Papaya Salad Som Tam. The tickets+lunch cost about 850 baht each. Meimei was free!

We let our 3yo try on rides for the first time. He loved them! It was a great idea to go on a weekday. The queues were almost non existent. Sometimes we could even take a ride twice in a row!


There was an animal feeding section that we had to pay extra for. It was about 150 baht to enter and extra to buy the foods. There were rabbits as well that you could go into their pen to feed them. I was too excited that the kids loved  it that I forgot to snap some photos! The milk bottles were for the baby pigs, and the carrots and long leaves were for the rabbits, cows and goats. It was a very good learning experience for the kids.

Here were some other rides that daddy and korkor took respectively. There were many rides that Korkor couldn’t take as he was too short, so we will go again next time!

Day 5:

We lazed around in the hotel today. Went to have some fun at the indoor playground in the hotel. We were glad that we managed to have fun and yet relax at the same time.

If we were to change anything, we would have shifted safari world to the 2nd day, so we have a gentler 3rd day at Ocean world.

This is a list of some other places that we considered.

  1. Kidzania – More suitable for older kids, maybe at least 4 years old?
  2. Imaginia Playland
  3. Funtasia (Water Lagoon and Amusement Park) – We nearly went for this too. If only we had 1 more day!
  4. Children’s Discovery Museum
  5. Bounce Park

Hope you managed to find what you were looking for! 🙂 Bangkok is a place for kids! We did NO shopping at all this trip (boo!) But the kids had fun and that is what is most important. Objective met! 🙂