[Review+Giveaway] LOL Playland @ JCube Mall

Thank you to LOL Playland for the invite to their spanky new playground! Located at JCube Mall Level 3, they just had their grand opening a week ago and all the equipment and facilities are very new and clean. In the post you might notice that my boy is wearing a sweater. We had prepared jackets as we found out this place is located near the ice rink in JCube. However, the temperature in the playground was just right. If you intend to have a meal on Level 3 after play though, please bring a jacket. It is really cold outside!

On the left side is the play structure for toddlers, in the middle are 3 rooms where they can play dress up and role playing, and the main playground and climbing 3-storey structure is on the right side.

The main play structure is made of 3 storeys. There is ample space in it for adults too. I stand at about 1.72m tall and can walk upright in it. There is a main 2-storey 2-lane slide, a trampoline and a ball-shooting area amongst the usual climbing structure.

The toddler area is made of only 2 storeys and is smaller sized in general for the little ones. On the first floor is a Role-playing kitchen area. Second floor is where the ball pit and the slide are.

The role playing stations are made up of a hospital, police station and a fire station. There are costumes and props inside for the kids to play around with.

My boy (3.5yo) really loved the shooting alley, the ball pit, and simply climbing everywhere.

And my girl (1.5yo) enjoyed the kiddy rides and role playing at the kitchen.

For the parents, there is a little rest area for you. Or if you are going to climb everywhere with your kids, you might want to put your valuables into the lockers provided. If not, you can chill at their mini cafe which sells drinks and some small snacks. There are also beanbags provided around the playground for you to laze on and watch your kids. There is also a nursing and diaper room but it is undergoing construction still at the moment.

Or maybe the beanbags are for the kids after they are tired of running around?

Here are the price packages for the playground.

There is also a party room. You can contact them for the party packages that they offer.

Time also for a giveaway!

We have 5 entry passes to LOL Playland to give away! 🙂

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[Review+Giveaway] My Little Giant @ Big Box 

My Little Giant is a very new playground which just had its soft launch last week. Thanks to the management, we were invited for a play date there today! It is already open to the public, but the official opening will be on 01 October 2016. *Scroll all the way down for a giveaway!*

Tickets to the playground can be purchased towards on the right side of the main entrance. They are having a soft launch promotion now where kids enter at $12 on weekdays (Mon-Thu) and $16 on weekends (Fri-Sun, PH). Children below 3 are at 50% off for a temporary period of time too!

Original prices are $20 and $25 respectively for weekdays and weekends.

Before you enter, you can change into your socks at the right side of the entrance. There are many shoe compartments here for you to deposit your shoes. If you have forgotten to bring your socks, they can also be purchased at the counter. Bags can be left there as well but do not leave your valuables there. 

At the entrance, the staff will tag you with their wrist tags and Ensure you sanitize your hands before entry. 

Once you step in you will be able to see their major white slide that ends in a humongous put of white and blue balls. The slide is really fast and it is really meant for the strong hearted!Hubby and Lil Nugget loved it. But Korkor and me were not great fans of it. Too much for me I’d say. I screamed from the top all the way until I landed into the ball pit. It was fun though. Just scary. 

Here’s a view of the slide from the top.

The place is a maze. Lil Bub ran in and I couldn’t find him anywhere. That’s what made it so fun for the kids. 

The play area has 3 storeys to it. Each floor is linked to the next via easy to climb steps and smaller slides. They are so easy to climb that my 19 month old needs no assistance!

There are other areas to play as well within the 3 level obstacle course. Eg. A Trampoline, shooting area, swings, and a train at the 3rd floor!

Lil Bub was loving the crawling and climbing through the playground. It helped that the areas were huge and adults could easily maneuver themselves through it too!

More pictures of the playground. All pictures showing a different section of it! Top pic is another slide at the 2nd floor, bottom left is an enclosed slide from 3rd to second floor, and there are also some coupe cars for the little ones to drive around on the first floor. 

Highlight for many kids other than the main white slide would be the HUGE ball pit. This photo shows only half of it or a section where there is not many people. Some kids are playing at the other end of the ball pit. Yes, that’s how big it is!

More pictures of the ball pit just because I love the colours of the balls! 

There is another section of My Little Giant where it is like an arcade for kids. These are charged differently and you will need to purchase a card with credit inside to use it at the rides and arcade machines. There are kiddy rides, game machines, train ride and a Carousel!

Lil Bub loved the excavator the most. What’s surprising right? It was not easy to scoop the balls up into the boxes though and he needed Daddy’s help for that. 

The kids had a lot of fun at the spanking new playground at Big Box. And Daddy and Mummt are glad that they have expended their energy and is now soundly napping at home. 🙂

Thanks to My Little Giant, there will be 5 entry passes up for a giveaway! You can go to our Facebook page for details on how to enter. Closing date for entry is 09 Oct 2016. Winners will be announced the next day and passes will be valid until 31 December. All the best! 

Link to enter giveaway: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/471d31df8/


Happy Castle @ Westgate Mall

Amidst the haze, we went around searching for nearby indoor playgrounds that we have not been to before and hopefully is of a different concept than the usual ones. 

We chanced upon one new play area at Westgate mall level 4. It is a new place, less than a month old. And we decided to let our kids try playing there. 

It looks like a sandplay area with lots of balls and sand toys, a slide and a small ball pit. The only difference is that instead of sand, the pit is filled with what initially seemed like the rubber/plastic at those indoor artificial turf Football pitches. I found out later it was Cassia Seeds. Which means it was all safe for our babies to play in it! 

Kids play with them just like sand. But good thing is they are all clean after that as it doesn’t stick to their clothes and body. Really a good thing for all parents!! 

My elder loved playing there so much he refused to leave and when we finally managed to get him to leave he made us bring him back the next day again to play!

Here are the charges for the Cassia Seeds pit. Very affordable if you just want your kids to try it out for 15mins. They provide free disposable socks but if you have your own, you can use those too.

On our next day there we bought the $68 package. It is transferable so we can share the 10 hours amongst our 2 kids. And they count down to every 5 minutes. So if one plays for only 10 minutes, then you just have 9h 50mins left. Very consumer friendly. 

For young kids, parents are allowed to go in with them. They do not have a strict age but whilst I was there, they even allowed a mummy with a scared 3-4yo boy to go in. The boy warmed up a bit later and the Mum left to wait outside. 

As you can see the area is quite small so the fewer parents there are inside the more kids it can fit. Parents should longer around to watch their kids too just to ensure they play safely. There is only 1 staff and she is only doing the collection of money and issuing of receipts. 

We should be going there again for the 3rd day in a row today!! See you if you are going too! 

Update (02 Sep 16): They have a new slide structure! More things for the kids to play with but it also means less space for the kids. 


Splash @ Kidz Amaze (SAFRA Punggol Waterplay)

Way before SAFRA Punggol opened, everyone has heard of the amazing and HUGE waterplay area it would have. Pictures of Artist’s Impression have been circulating on social media and even on printed media. And to be honest, the real thing is nothing short of it. Thank you to BumblebeeMum for getting us passes to go there for some fun! 🙂


Just like the artist’s impression that was out long time ago.

When you enter, you will see the toddler area first. The toddler area could still be very intimidating for smaller children below 3 as it had water splashing everywhere. The depth of the water is a gradient. And the deepest part is about below knee height for me. That said, parents need to watch their kids very closely especially at the toddlers area even thought there are lifeguards there.


Here’s another picture of the toddlers area. My 3yo didn’t like it there as it was too crowded. Maybe because it was a weekend?


Here is another picture of the main play area. Needless to say all the bigger kids are there. The slides are so inviting! For the long blue slide, the lifeguards control when the next kid can go in. So that adds to the safety of it. Same goes for the green slide where about 3-4 kids can slide down at the same time.


In this pic you can see the lifeguards at the green slide. They are all dressed in yellow t-shirt. And yes, there are many of them around. At least 1 at the top and at least 1 at the bottom of each slide. The one at the top controls when the kids get to slide down. And the one at the bottom ensures that all can get up and are safe after sliding.


The bub (3yo) was scared of all the water splashing here and there and the uncertainty of it all. He preferred to sit at the side of the main pool where it was quieter and more serene and play with his water toys there. Got to be careful with the toys you bring too. One boy of about 7 years old just came over to snatch one of my boy’s toys away. Later on a staff found it and put at the entrance and we saw it as we were about to leave.


Now to the amenities. I was really amazed at the amenities they had. In the ladies, there is a whole row of lockers for you to keep your valuables so you (and your kids) can enjoy yourselves there without worrying about your belongings. They are digitized and work similar to POPstation. They are $4 and $6 depending on the size of the lockers you choose.


For the parents who are not getting into the water, there are a lot of benches to sit around to watch your kids.


I really like how they made the shower cubicles too. The cubicles have 2 half doors. So your child can lock the bottom half of the door but you can still peep in from the top half. Yes it comes with a lock as well for adults to bathe in privacy. And there is hot water shower! Yay!


There are also a lot of cubicles so waiting time is not long. However, if you would just want a quick shower, you can always use the outdoor showers outside the toilets.


For those of you who might want to hold your kids’ birthday parties there, they have 3 party rooms to suit your different needs. Here’s a picture of Penguin’s Paradise, One of their party rooms. It is very spacious with chairs in the middle for kids and benches at the back for adults. At the bottom of the bench actually is a pull out cupboard where adults can keep their bags.


Here are the party packages prices.


Sounds like a pretty amazing place to go to don’t you think? 🙂 Here are the prices for entry. There is discounted prices for Kidz Amaze members as well as SAFRA members!


For more details, you can visit their homepage here.


Happy Willow Indoor Playground

Happy Willow is an indoor playground located at Fusionopolis, One North MRT station. I was there for an event recently and my boy enjoyed playing there.

It is a small play structure which is good for parents as you are able to sit at one place and can still observe your kid.


This is the main area where parents can sit and have a drink from their cafe. I enquired about booking of the place for events and they said they can hold about 100 people in their grounds easily.


This is the toddlers area with some kitchen sets and a rocking horse. Here’s my mum with the kids.


For the first time ever, I left him to climb and play by himself. I could watch him from afar and know he is safe.


The staff held games like treasure hunt and hitting the pinata.


My boy really like the big blocks and had fun stacking them up and knocking them over. There is a large ball pit at the back of the picture.


For more information on Happy Willow, please visit their website at http://www.happywillow.com.sg/


The City @ Liang Court

The City is labeled as an interactive indoor playground. Here you will not see any climbing structures and slides. But you will see many areas for pretend play.

This is how the entire place looks like. There is a play kitchen in the middle with many pretend rooms around. Pretend rooms include supermarket, hair salon, doctor’s room, etc.


This is the supermarket section which my boy spent a lot of time at. He could be a shopper pushing the trolley and buying stuff that he likes, or be a cashier where he can scan the items and pack them.

He spent quite a lot of time at the restaurant as well preparing food and serving them. To me of course! 🙂

When he got bored at pretend play and want to move his muscles more, he went to the room to build structures.

He tried out dressing up as well. They only have the fireman attire there though.


For more information on The City, you can visit their website at http://www.thecity.com.sg/




We brought our kids to spend one whole day at Fun@giggles. We were early and they just opened. And we were glad that it was relatively empty! Kids streamed in after about 11am and in the afternoon, there were many more people there.

Here’s a photo that shows you how big the area is. It is definitely not suitable for older kids. They would probably get bored after a while. But for my 2 year old, he had fun there the entire day!


This is the colouring corner. You can ask the staff for pieces of colouring paper for the kids. Some feed their kids there as well. That explains the high chair at the side.


Here is the dress-up corner.


Kids really love this corner with kitchen play and small toddler cars.


This is the music and gym corner.


This is a photo of the main structure. They have a ball pit in the middle of it.


This is the only slide in the playground. The structure as you can see is made of wood and not plastic and cushion like many indoor playgrounds. So do be careful if your kids are really little.


This is their diaper changing room and nursing corner.


This is their party room where they hold activities as well.


Here’s my lil bub enjoying his milk and taking a break from the playing.


So after a couple of hours at the playground, we left to grab a bite opposite at Parkway Parade. The Bub then slept in the comfort of his Tula with the daddy carrying him while we adults walked around and shopped a little.

When he awoke, we went back to the playground again. This time to their waterplay side. Yes, the playground pass allows you to go to both the dry and wet playground!

It’s a small room with some tubs and water but the Bub enjoyed himself loads. The lady comes in once a while to top up the water with hot water so the kids won’t get too cold. Take note that they have to be wearing swim diapers though. No fret if you didn’t bring yours. They sell it there. (It is of course not as cheap as buying from the supermarket!)


For more info, you can visit their website at http://www.funatgiggles.com.sg/