Painting Day

As mentioned in the previous post, we thank Nippon paint for this chance to collaborate with them.

Prior to the actual painting day, we had to ensure that we packed out living room up a bit. We had toys lying EVERYWHERE.

The appointment was at 9am. And they were so punctual! They arrived at 8:58am! And immediately got to work.

First up they moved all our furniture to the centre of the room and proceeded to cover everything with a plastic cover. They also removed all my bits and pieces of tape and blu-tac which we have on our walls and were unable to remove for the longest time.

They started by painting the ceiling and doing a base coat on the walls. There was some paint smell at this point though. I think it should be from the ceiling paint. I asked them if they will need lunch so I can order in and both said they brought their lunch! Wow! Nippon Paint has such dedicated workers!

By 12nn, they had finished the ceiling and a coat of paint of the actual Colour. So they took a quick lunch break to allow the paint to dry.

After lunch they proceeded with the next coat of paint and also the base coat for the feature wall. My place isn’t exactly the easiest to paint with all the hidden places caused by air con trunkings and false ceilings. But they did not cut corners. They painted everywhere. Even those places I knew I wouldn’t be able to see.

By 2:30pm they were all done, and had to wait for the Momento artist to arrive to do up the feature wall. The smell was strong though. Or maybe it was because of my ultra sensitive pregnancy nose. So the painting team arranged for a smell extracting machine to come by after the entire project was complete to remove all the smell! Sounds really interesting. I have never heard of it before and I can’t wait to see how it works!

And the Momento artist arrived and did up the feature wall with Nippon Paint’s Momento! She was really skilled and quick in her brush movements. The wall was very quickly done in less than an hour!

The Painters did the final touch ups and clean ups and moved back all the furniture after the session. They even helped to put our TV back up on its rack!

To see the final product, look out for our next post HERE!