Playtime! – Rochee the Friendliest Cockcroach

Esplanade Presents PLAYtime often Organised highly subsidised plays that are suitable for children. We first watched “The Bird who was Afraid of Heights” and instantly fell in love with PLAYtime plays for kids! 

This time, we were invited to watch Rochee the Friendliest Cockroach! 

The show was just as interactive as expected, which was the main reason we fell in love with their productions. Kids are not required to always sit down still and keep quiet. They will have tasks to do and will be involved in the play itself. 

The setting of the stage is different from the usual. We will sit on the floor in clusters and action could be ANYWHERE in the room! 

Before the show, we were taught some dance steps so we could be part of the play later on! 

Rochee the cockroach starts the show by singing and inviting us to sing along with it. 

As you can see in the photo below, we were sitting at the right back cluster and could still have full view of the front (photo below) and back (photo above). The play requires you to look to the left sometimes, and right sometimes. The cast is always moving around and this keeps the little children engaged. 

During another interactive portion, the  kids were all required to pick up the blue balls that rolled out from the sides of the room into a large container. (What did this represent you may ask? Watch the play to find out!)

This required everyone to get off their feet to complete the task. 🙂

And the same thing happened when we all had to stand up to move around. Was the cockroach dancing? What was everyone doing? 

All in all, my Son (turning 4) was very engaged by the show whilst my Daughter (just turned 2 yesterday) was a bit afraid and so she did not want to participate in the action. It was fine too. You could just sit there as well. 🙂 It is of course not expected that all the children will participate. Parents will know that it all depends on the child’s mood on that day. 

Rochee the Friendliest Cockroach will be running at the Esplanade until 05 March 2017. Tickets are at $20 each and you can purchase them here. Sensory-friendly performances are available too!

Follow them on their Facebook page for more information and updates on other plays. 

This was us at the play. :). Hope you enjoy the show too! 


[Review+Giveaway] LOL Playland @ JCube Mall

Thank you to LOL Playland for the invite to their spanky new playground! Located at JCube Mall Level 3, they just had their grand opening a week ago and all the equipment and facilities are very new and clean. In the post you might notice that my boy is wearing a sweater. We had prepared jackets as we found out this place is located near the ice rink in JCube. However, the temperature in the playground was just right. If you intend to have a meal on Level 3 after play though, please bring a jacket. It is really cold outside!

On the left side is the play structure for toddlers, in the middle are 3 rooms where they can play dress up and role playing, and the main playground and climbing 3-storey structure is on the right side.

The main play structure is made of 3 storeys. There is ample space in it for adults too. I stand at about 1.72m tall and can walk upright in it. There is a main 2-storey 2-lane slide, a trampoline and a ball-shooting area amongst the usual climbing structure.

The toddler area is made of only 2 storeys and is smaller sized in general for the little ones. On the first floor is a Role-playing kitchen area. Second floor is where the ball pit and the slide are.

The role playing stations are made up of a hospital, police station and a fire station. There are costumes and props inside for the kids to play around with.

My boy (3.5yo) really loved the shooting alley, the ball pit, and simply climbing everywhere.

And my girl (1.5yo) enjoyed the kiddy rides and role playing at the kitchen.

For the parents, there is a little rest area for you. Or if you are going to climb everywhere with your kids, you might want to put your valuables into the lockers provided. If not, you can chill at their mini cafe which sells drinks and some small snacks. There are also beanbags provided around the playground for you to laze on and watch your kids. There is also a nursing and diaper room but it is undergoing construction still at the moment.

Or maybe the beanbags are for the kids after they are tired of running around?

Here are the price packages for the playground.

There is also a party room. You can contact them for the party packages that they offer.

Time also for a giveaway!

We have 5 entry passes to LOL Playland to give away! 🙂

Just enter via this link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/471d31df14/

All you have to do is Like Beautiful Chaos and LOL Playland Facebook pages! Additional chances if you like our instagram as well! Giveaway will close on 14 December.


[Review+Giveaway] My Little Giant @ Big Box 

My Little Giant is a very new playground which just had its soft launch last week. Thanks to the management, we were invited for a play date there today! It is already open to the public, but the official opening will be on 01 October 2016. *Scroll all the way down for a giveaway!*

Tickets to the playground can be purchased towards on the right side of the main entrance. They are having a soft launch promotion now where kids enter at $12 on weekdays (Mon-Thu) and $16 on weekends (Fri-Sun, PH). Children below 3 are at 50% off for a temporary period of time too!

Original prices are $20 and $25 respectively for weekdays and weekends.

Before you enter, you can change into your socks at the right side of the entrance. There are many shoe compartments here for you to deposit your shoes. If you have forgotten to bring your socks, they can also be purchased at the counter. Bags can be left there as well but do not leave your valuables there. 

At the entrance, the staff will tag you with their wrist tags and Ensure you sanitize your hands before entry. 

Once you step in you will be able to see their major white slide that ends in a humongous put of white and blue balls. The slide is really fast and it is really meant for the strong hearted!Hubby and Lil Nugget loved it. But Korkor and me were not great fans of it. Too much for me I’d say. I screamed from the top all the way until I landed into the ball pit. It was fun though. Just scary. 

Here’s a view of the slide from the top.

The place is a maze. Lil Bub ran in and I couldn’t find him anywhere. That’s what made it so fun for the kids. 

The play area has 3 storeys to it. Each floor is linked to the next via easy to climb steps and smaller slides. They are so easy to climb that my 19 month old needs no assistance!

There are other areas to play as well within the 3 level obstacle course. Eg. A Trampoline, shooting area, swings, and a train at the 3rd floor!

Lil Bub was loving the crawling and climbing through the playground. It helped that the areas were huge and adults could easily maneuver themselves through it too!

More pictures of the playground. All pictures showing a different section of it! Top pic is another slide at the 2nd floor, bottom left is an enclosed slide from 3rd to second floor, and there are also some coupe cars for the little ones to drive around on the first floor. 

Highlight for many kids other than the main white slide would be the HUGE ball pit. This photo shows only half of it or a section where there is not many people. Some kids are playing at the other end of the ball pit. Yes, that’s how big it is!

More pictures of the ball pit just because I love the colours of the balls! 

There is another section of My Little Giant where it is like an arcade for kids. These are charged differently and you will need to purchase a card with credit inside to use it at the rides and arcade machines. There are kiddy rides, game machines, train ride and a Carousel!

Lil Bub loved the excavator the most. What’s surprising right? It was not easy to scoop the balls up into the boxes though and he needed Daddy’s help for that. 

The kids had a lot of fun at the spanking new playground at Big Box. And Daddy and Mummt are glad that they have expended their energy and is now soundly napping at home. 🙂

Thanks to My Little Giant, there will be 5 entry passes up for a giveaway! You can go to our Facebook page for details on how to enter. Closing date for entry is 09 Oct 2016. Winners will be announced the next day and passes will be valid until 31 December. All the best! 

Link to enter giveaway: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/471d31df8/


Maternity Wear Review – Jump Eat Cry

Thank you to Jump Eat Cry for sending me a couple of lovely maternity wear from their Mothercot series! [Scroll all the way down for a discount code!]

Jump Eat Cry is a Singapore-based online e-commerce store that aims to provide stylish yet affordable maternity and nursing clothes to pregnant and new mothers. Their in-house label, Mothercot is designed by them. Designs are delicately hand drawn, and materials carefully picked to provide the best comfort for mothers. They also aim to bring comfort and infinite wearing to all mothers (can be worn before, during and after pregnancy).

The first piece is a top, Purple Duo Tone Nursing Top Size M. 

This piece allows me more room for my baby bump to grow. The bigger the bump is, the more whites of the top will be seen. The flaps can also open up to have easy access for nursing after birth! The material of the item is of good quality and not flimsy. 

The second is Empire Lines Nursing Dress Size S. 

The dress is very light and flowy and is very comfortable on my ever-itching growing tummy! It is also very cooling to wear this dress. I love this feature about it because of the terribly hot weather in Singapore! This dress is also a nursing dress. The best part is that it doesn’t look like a nursing dress at all! Under the ribbon is actually a zip which allows easy access for nursing. 🙂

The ribbon is tied simply at the back and this measles you look less round and plump than you should! Here’s also a photo of me matching my Jujube with the dress. The very light silvery grey of the dress makes it easy to match! 

Just a note, I’m 1.72m tall, 58kg, and 5 months pregnant at the time of the photo. 

Jump Eat Cry extends a 15% discount on all their products including sale items to all readers! Code:beautifulchaos15 (expires 30 September 2016)

For more info and to shop, visit their website: https://www.jumpeatcry.com/

Happy shopping! 🙂 


Nippon Paint’s Project – Before and After

After 1 full day of work, it was complete! Our boring, white walls with major surface issues of cracks and tapes and blu-tac stains were all gone and in replacement, some spanking bright new wall by Nippon Paint!

If you have been following my previous posts on the Consultation and the Process of Painting itself, here is finally, the BIG REVEAL of the end product!


Here are the before and after photos. Notice the stains and cracks especially in my second pic that is no longer there now!

And here is a shot of the feature wall. It is actually sparking but I can’t capture that on my camera. The patterns were even throughout the wall.

Just to recap, the colours we used for the Ceiling was White, the colour for the walls were Vanilla Creme 1150 so they were pale yellow in colour. The Momento wall was Gold Charm MS105 Silver Sparkle Series. All were odorless paints and more details of the various paints we used can be found HERE.

Speaking about Odorless Paints, my sensitive nose (due to being pregnant I think) still picked up the paint smells. However I was surprised that my husband and relatives did not smell anything at all. My aunty even put her nose on a newly painted wall to smell and said there was no smell. Anyway, if you do get Nippon Paint to do your house for you, and you think the room/house has a really strong smell, they will provide an extra air purification service for free. They had offered it to me but I didn’t have time to let them run the machine as it requires 1-1.5h and my kids were reaching home already.

Anyhow the smell diffused really fast. Yesterday, the day after painting, I was out the whole day so could not air the house except for about 2 hours in the evening. By this morning when I woke up, there was no smell at all, not even when I plastered my nose on the wall.

It had been a very smooth process liaising with Nippon Paint from the day they came down to do the consultation with us. Their advice on the colours were indeed so good and we are all so happy with the outcome. It makes our house looks so cheerful and happy. The painters and the Momento artist were very friendly too. They made the whole painting process a very pleasant one.

Thank you Nippon Paint for the collaboration and the new look for our living room! I can’t wait to invite friends over 🙂

To read more on the consultation we had with Nippon Paint, click HERE.

To read about the entire painting process, click HERE.

If you would like to engage Nippon Paint for a makeover for your house, you can contact them online HERE, or  contact them during office hours at 63197222.



Painting Day

As mentioned in the previous post, we thank Nippon paint for this chance to collaborate with them.

Prior to the actual painting day, we had to ensure that we packed out living room up a bit. We had toys lying EVERYWHERE.

The appointment was at 9am. And they were so punctual! They arrived at 8:58am! And immediately got to work.

First up they moved all our furniture to the centre of the room and proceeded to cover everything with a plastic cover. They also removed all my bits and pieces of tape and blu-tac which we have on our walls and were unable to remove for the longest time.

They started by painting the ceiling and doing a base coat on the walls. There was some paint smell at this point though. I think it should be from the ceiling paint. I asked them if they will need lunch so I can order in and both said they brought their lunch! Wow! Nippon Paint has such dedicated workers!

By 12nn, they had finished the ceiling and a coat of paint of the actual Colour. So they took a quick lunch break to allow the paint to dry.

After lunch they proceeded with the next coat of paint and also the base coat for the feature wall. My place isn’t exactly the easiest to paint with all the hidden places caused by air con trunkings and false ceilings. But they did not cut corners. They painted everywhere. Even those places I knew I wouldn’t be able to see.

By 2:30pm they were all done, and had to wait for the Momento artist to arrive to do up the feature wall. The smell was strong though. Or maybe it was because of my ultra sensitive pregnancy nose. So the painting team arranged for a smell extracting machine to come by after the entire project was complete to remove all the smell! Sounds really interesting. I have never heard of it before and I can’t wait to see how it works!

And the Momento artist arrived and did up the feature wall with Nippon Paint’s Momento! She was really skilled and quick in her brush movements. The wall was very quickly done in less than an hour!

The Painters did the final touch ups and clean ups and moved back all the furniture after the session. They even helped to put our TV back up on its rack!

To see the final product, look out for our next post HERE!


Pre-Paint Job Consultation – by Nippon Paint

My family would like to thank Nippon Paint for this opportunity to collaborate with them on revamping our living room. Our last paint job was done 5 years ago. However due to the hacking/rebuilding, we have many cracks in the walls. We also have many blu-tac stains from pasting up posters for our kids to read. Our walls really needed a make-over!

At our Pre-painting Consultation, Nippon paint sent their professional painter down to have a discussion with us. Both hubby and me are very bad artistically and we really appreciated the professionalism of the painter in advising us on the colours we can have that is suitable for our home.

Nippon Paint had a wide selection of colours and styles to choose from. They showed us books of catalogs and sample pictures. The painter was very patient with us as we discussed and consulted him not only on the colours/designs we should have but also the kind of paint they will be using.

Due to my pregnancy and having 2 really young kids in the house, we opted for something that is odorless for our base paint. This was really important to me and so we decided that we will use their odorless Medifresh Paint series.

Nippon Paint Odour-less Medifresh is enhanced with antimicrobial protection to provide continuous protection against mold, mildew and bacteria that cause stains and odors on the paint film. It gives walls and other surfaces a long lasting elegant finish. It is ideal choice for eco-sensitive commercial and residential areas such as elderly, children or nurseries’s rooms. It has the following features:

  • Virtually no paint odour (My favourite point!)
  • Ultra low VOC
  • Durable & washable film
  • Ammonia-free
  • Non-toxic and lead, mercury and heavy metals free (My favourite point too!)
  • Fungus & mould resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Spatter resistance
  • Excellent flow
  • Excellent coverage


For our feature wall, Nippon will be doing something with special effects using their Momento Special Effects Paint. Nippon has a few painters who are trained in this design and each masterpiece will differ from the next. The wall(or room) will be textured and some series will even sparkle under light!  Nippon Momento is also formulated with low VOC, and contains no lead, mercury, chrome or heavy metals, creating a healthier environment. Most importantly to me as well, it has almost no paint smell at all!

MS143 Platinum.jpg

To seal up our cracks in the walls, the painter recommended the Nippon Paint Expresskote Sealer. The Expresskote Sealer is formulated with a special styrene acrylic polymer for excellent alkali and efflorescence resistance properties and has the following features:

  • Good adhesion
  • Good alkaline & efflorescence resistance
  • Fast drying time
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmentally friendly paint certified under the Singapore Green Building Product Certification Scheme
  • Anti-fungal and algae resistant


They will be doing up our ceiling as well with Nippon Paint’s Odourless Anti-Mould Ceiling White. It has the following features:

  • Anti-mould properties with a broad spectrum protection against most species of mould
  • Environmentally friendly green emulsion product
  • Non-toxic, does not contain lead, mercury and heavy metals
  • Easy application and touch -up
  • Minimum roller splatter
  • Excellent coverage and hiding power for minor surface imperfections


Finally we came to a conclusion on the colour and design with a lot of professional help and advice from our painter consultant and I can’t wait to see the end product! 🙂

Click HERE to see the painting process;

or HERE to see the finished product!